Central HS Scholarships

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Central HS Scholarships

Central High Scholarships

Scholarships are provided to Central High graduates for both university and vocational education. Monies may be used for tuition, books, or other expenses associated with pursuing post-high school education. 

To apply for a scholarship, students at Central High School should contact Shane Cyphers in the Counseling office at CHS. Applications must by completed and returned to Mr. Cyphers by April 7th of the school year in which the student is applying.

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Below is a list of recipients for college scholarships awarded by the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation to graduates of Central high school (also noted are special scholarships handled by MICF):

2001 Lahela Sheldon, Kristina Jimenez, Jocelyn Foulke.
2002 Natasha Whitaker, Carly Boyer, Maria Carmen Porras
2003 Erin Buxton, Robin Bunse, Tracey Lee, Marco Arelavo
2004 Katy Swanson, Sarah Hamilton, Rebecca Ross, Nickolas Freeberg,
Catherine Marinelli, Perdo "Peter" Banuelos.
2005 Brittany Franko, Kate Larsen, Karissa Harvey, Jenna Rafferty, Hailey Marquerite
Garcia, Ruth Walton.
2006 Olivia Maruane, Jennifer Swanson, Zachary McKee, Jessica Johnson
Ashley Parks, Crystal Torres.
2007 Michelle R. Reece, Natasha Ruegsegger, Jessica Udell, Jennifer Bruntmeyer,
Nicole Myrie, Yonnoe Garcia, Ross Bansen*, Shannin MacCarthy*
2008 Jacy Hermens*, Travis Heide*, Kiaya Marie Gray, Phillip S. Morton, Brittany
Hinds, Jeffrey A Gratreak, Emma Hall-Martin, Amy Silbernagel, Molly Mack.
2009 Stacey Marinelle, Sarah Murphy, Olivia Pantoja, Sarah Elizabeth Ritacco, Lindsay West
Leigh Anne McCarty*
2010 Helena Riddell, Mary Joyce Pflaum, Kylie Brianne Franko, Jesse Pratt*, Selena Orozco, Alexander King
2011 Kaitlyn E. Mason, Jacob Earl, Brady Lloyd, Christopher M. Parks, Chloe Waddell, Zack McClure, Anel Venegas, Ty Phillips*
2012 Mayela Bocanegra, Donavon Earle Hampton, Emily Ann Kenyon, Clarisa Lumbreras, Adrian Trujillo
2013 Frances Carol Cable, David Mark Powell II, Hannah Ruth Riddell, Tori Ann Stutzman, Tanner Michael Tallan
2014 Zane West, Tonya Allison, Olivia Miller, Emmanuel Vargas, Fiateleimoana 'Mo' Tapasa, Erika Torres
2015 Alondra Bocanegra Guerrero, Daisy Scarllet Chavez Guzman, Gabriella Delgado Ledesma, Brittany Dawn Rainey
2016 William Jeffrey Bates, Tucker Timothy Lee Engle, Brett Walter Meador and Kyle Joseph Miller; Santiago Venegas-Trujillo - Independence Historic Preservation Corporation Scholarship.
2017 Mayra Herrera, Quing Kuang, Abby McBeth, Cristina Salas. Mollee Carter  - Independence Historic Preservation Corporation Scholarship.
2018 Marie Burgess, Annemarie Hasbrook, Andrew Love, Beatriz Trujillo-Martinez; Ruby San Miguel Morales - Independence Historic Preservation Corporation Scholarship; Emilie Sass - Wells Family Scholarship.

(* From the Lucas Albert Mendoza Memorial Endowment Fund)

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