The Monmouth-Independence Community Foundation

In 2000, the Monmouth-Independence Community Foundation was born from a collective vision to enrich and empower our community. At its heart, this independent nonprofit organization is dedicated to serving the residents of the greater Monmouth-Independence area. With a steadfast commitment to fostering education, strengthening our classrooms, and promoting community excellence, the foundation has become a beacon of hope and opportunity for generations to come.


Central to our mission are four pillars of impact: scholarships for high school students, classroom enrichment initiatives, community excellence programs, and partnerships with local community organizations. Through these strategic focus areas, the foundation endeavors to create pathways to success, unlock potential, and build a brighter future for all who call Monmouth and Independence home.

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Our Foundation raises money to provide financial support for educational, civic, recreational, and cultural activities, programs, institutions, facilities and organizations, and those serving youth and adults residing within the boundaries of the Central 13J School District. Anything that might benefit the greater Monmouth-Independence community and its residents is within the general purpose of the Foundation.

The Monmouth Independence Community Foundation was honored to receive the “2023 Business or Nonprofit Legacy of the Year” Award from the Monmouth Independence Chamber Community Awards. We are proud to celebrate with our fellow nominees who have all demonstrated an outstanding dedication to our community. 

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