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MICF – Controlled Funds:

These are funds formed through direct donations to the Foundation to be distributed at the discretion of the MICF Board of Directors (Board). They may include endowment and non-endowment funds. Current purposes include:

  1. Central High School Scholarships
  2. Classroom Enrichment Grant. Including the Duncan / McArthur ($5,000 large enrichment grant)
  3. Verna Duncan Ambassadors of Excellence
  4. Community Grant Fund
  5. Unrestricted Fund

MICF- Supported Funds (in alphabetical order):

American Legion
CHS Performing Arts Booster Club
Heritage Museum
Independence Historical Preservation Corp. Independence Library
Independence Police Benevolence Fund Monmouth Bi-Centennial
Monmouth Friends of the Library Monmouth-Independence Rotary Club Monmouth Library
Polk County Cultural Coalition
Polk Historical Society
The Gate Youth Center
Wells Family Scholarship


Charitable Purpose:  to provide post-high school Academic or Vocational Education scholarships to graduates of Central High School.


Creation and Intent:  The Monmouth Independence Community Foundation (MICF) Scholarship Fund was first introduced at the first organizational meeting of the MICF on May 25, 2000.  The Scholarship Fund began with moneys transferred from the former Monmouth-Independence Education Charitable Trust.  The Education Charitable Trust had been created in the mid 1990s through the leadership of Scott McArthur.


Scott McArthur became one of the founding members of the MICF and agreed to transfer funds from the Education Charitable Trust into MICF and establish the Scholarship Fund.  The Scholarship Fund was one of four charter programs that combined to create the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation.  (The other programs were the Classroom Enrichment Fund, Independence Library Fund, and the Monmouth Library Fund.)  The Scholarship Fund and the Classroom Enrichment Fund have been managed exclusively by the MICF since its inception. 




Scott McArthur was one of the founding members of the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation and has served on the Foundation continually ever since.  He created the concept of the Scholarship Fund program and has been involved in the program since its inception.  Mr. McArthur has also been one of the primary funders for this program.




Through the years the face amount of the scholarships offered to youth has increased as have the number of scholarships given each year.  On September 12, 2019 the MICF Board voted to increase the number of scholarships awarded each year to 5 and to keep the face amount of the award at $1,500.




The intent of the Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarships to post-high school academic or vocational education for graduates of Central High School, Independence, Oregon, or its successor institutions and for such necessary costs relating thereto.  It is expected that non-endowment moneys and earnings from endowment funds will be used to provide these scholarships.  Scholarship recipients will be selected by a MICF committee assigned to review student applications.  The MICF Board of Directors and the designated committee will have the exclusive right to determine the criteria for selection of applicants.


The Scholarship Fund is managed by the MICF and its appointed committee.  That committee is composed of three or more members from the MICF Board of Directors.  Non-Board members may also be appointed to the Scholarship committee as provided in the MICF Bylaws.


Classroom Enrichment Grants:

Including the Duncan / McArthur ($5,000 large enrichment grant)

Charitable Purpose: To provide modest funds for central 13J teachers to enrich the curriculum in their classrooms or school clubs.

Creation and Intent: The Classroom Enrichment Program was first introduced in the 2000-2001 school year and was established to benefit Central 13J classrooms. Its purpose is to provide mini-grants to teachers who have a creative and motivating idea to use in the classroom. In that first year the total amount available for mini-grants was $2,000 with no individual grant to exceed $500. The amount available each year for grants and the maximum grant amount has increased several times since the 2000-2001 school year. Changes in grant amounts are determined by the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation Board of Directors as outlined in the Statement of Purpose. Don and Verna Duncan created the concept of the Classroom Enrichment Program and have been involved in the program since its inception. The Duncan’s have also been the primary funding source for this program. The Classroom Enrichment Program was one of two charter programs that combined to create the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation. (The other program was the Central Scholarship Program.) These two programs have been managed exclusively by the Foundation since its inception. Don Duncan was one of the founding members of the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation and served the Foundation continually until retiring in good standing in March of 2018. On March 14, 2018 the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation (Foundation) voted to expand the Classroom Enrichment mini-grants to include school clubs as long as they provide an academic benefit to students. Clubs applying for a mini-grant must establish in their grant request the academic benefit.

Throughout its history the intent of the Classroom Enrichment Project has been to use its Non-endowment money and earnings from the Classroom Enrichment Project Endowment Fund to provide grants to teachers of Central School District. These grants shall be for goods and services not available from School District funds. The grants are intended to enrich the curriculum of their classrooms. Such distributions shall be made upon recommendation of a committee of the Board of Directors of the Monmouth Independence Community Foundation or a committee of educators appointed for that purpose.

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