Scholarships for College or Vocational Training

The 2024 MICF Scholarship Applications are now open. Scholarships are available to Central High School seniors in the Central 13J School District. Seniors can check on available scholarships by visiting CHS Student Services. Most applications require Adobe Reader to view the file.

2023 Monmouth Independence Community Foundation
Scholarship Recipients:

Jillian Layton

Wendy Corona Herrera

Wendy plans to attend Oregon State University and pursue a career as a forensic pathologist.


Jillian Layton

Jayden Taylor

Jayden Taylor will attend Lindfield University to pursue a double major in mathematics and physics and run on the track and cross-country teams.


Jillian Layton

Kendall Seidel

Kendall is planning to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa and pursue a career as an elementary school teacher.


Jillian Layton

Sienna Longan

Sienna Longan will be attending Western Oregon University to pursue a degree in forensic sciences and after graduation work in policing.


Jillian Layton

Issabell Branske

Issabell will be pursuing and American Sign Language Bachelor’s degree at Western Oregon University and wishes to become a professional interpreter. 


Jillian Layton

Celeste Mendoza-Amezcua

Celeste will be attending the University of Oregon to pursue a degree in psychology and to work as a psychologist. 


2023 Wells Family Scholarship Recipient:

Jillian Layton

A Graduating Central High Senior was awarded the Wells Family Scholarship for 2023.

2023 Trammart News Service
Verna Ducan Memorial Scholarship Recipient:

Jillian Layton

A Graduating Central High Senior was awarded the Trammart News Service/Veran Duncan Memorial Scholarship for 2023.

2022 MICF Scholarship Recipients:

Jillian Layton

Brayden Foreman

Naeco Le

Carlos Rodarte

Kathryn Butler

Sage Henke

Natalie Wells

Yasmeen Ochoa

Natalie Wells

Andres Rincon

Natalie Wells

Julieta Alarcon

Wells Family Scholarship
Natalie Wells

Josiah Sage

Trammart News Service/Verna Duncan Memorial Scholarship
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